Social Investment Program Project (SIPP) - April 2003 - June 2011

Original Projects

Time : April 2003 - June 2011

Place of Execution : Gaibandha,Jamalpur, Kurigram, Rangpur, Nilphamary, Sirajgonj and Dinajpur districts.
Financial Volume of the executed project: US$ 28.55 million in two phases ( Govt 2.31 million and IDA 26.24 million.

Associated Pilot Projects.
Monga Mitigation Initiative Pilot Program (August 2005 – January 2007)
Emergengy 2007 Flood Restoration and Recovery Program (October 2008- June 2011).
Livelihood Restoration Strategy in Cyclone CIDR Affected Areas (September 2008- June 2011)

Description of the Provided Service:

SIPP aimed to promote community-driven development through strengthening community led rural institutions for pulling the most marginalized and disadvantageous portion of the society out of the poverty trap which was one of the promises made as millennium development goals.

The main achievements of the project are following:
129,960 hard core poor and poor households, most of which were normally considered as not creditworthy by the other government programs and NGOs got access to livelihood fund loan.

In all village institutions set up by the project, over 90 percent of the decision making positions were held by the women. Thus this project facilitated women empowerment through participation in the villages.

At completion of the project, 1734 community infrastructure works were financed and 2,500,000 people from 1407 villages were benefitted from those infrastructures. Four major categories of infrastructure works were successfully completed: 2,490 km earthen roads were built, 3160 culverts were constructed, 2940 hand tube-wells were drilled to provide safe drinking water and 85 schools were repaired.

At project completion 258,113 people were engaged in savings activities in their village communities and saved a total 92 million BDT (US$ 1.23 million). During the lifespan of the project total 110,000 people took livelihood loans and apart from a very few unsuccessful recipients, most of them were able to increase their monthly income around 1300 BDT, which was an increase of over 100 percent from before the project.

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