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  Inaugural ceremony of NJLIP

Inaugural ceremony of NJLIP (Nuton Jibon Livelihood Improvement Project) of SDF was held on 5th November 2015 at Tikorpara village of Sylhet. The event was headed by honorable finance minister of Bangladesh, Mr. Abul Mal Abdul Muhith and Operations Advisor of the World Bank Ms. Christine. E. Kimes was present as the special guests. From SDF side Chairman – Mr. M I Chowdhury, Managing Director- Mr. A.Z.M Sakhawat Hossain and member of of BoD- Syed Aftear Hussain Pear delivered their speeches about the activities and commitments of SDF. Apart from that Dr. A.K.A Mubin – former secretary of the government of Bangladesh and Mr. Seenithamby Manoharan – the Task Team Leader and Sr. Rural Development Specialist of the World Bank were present at the discussion panel. Managing Director of SDF opened the event with the welcome address and then two of the project beneficiaries of SDF – Ms. Selina Parvin and Ms. Hasina Akhter were invited to give speech and they overwhelmingly expressed gratitude towards SDF for pulling them out from the poverty trap. Task Team Leader of SDF opined that increasing rural economy is the main strategy to combat poverty in Bangladesh and SDF has been trying to take on the challenge with the assistance of the World Bank since 2003. Dr. A.K.A Mubin – a prominent economist and chairman of National Tea Board stated that  projects of SDF are quite innovative ones as they have funded livelihood development, microfinance, community infrastructure and disaster risk reduction at the same time. Christine. E. Kimes – Operations Advisor of the World Bank applauded the overall growth of Bangladesh and acknowledged  relentless effort of SDF to contribute there. The Chairman of Social Development Foundation brought the point that whilst all the NGOs and traditional development agencies charge high interest for their loans, SDF is the organization that establishes village society and provides fund to them unconditionally. He also expressed his hope that as like SIPP-II, SDF would be able to complete the NJLIP project one year ahead too. Finally the honorable finance minister delivered his valuable speech and expressed that we, the human race, are the most superior being and we deserve a solvent life where we could meet up our basic demands. He also expressed that whenever people ask him why the government runs so many development programs and why not they are standardized into a uniformed one; he defends with the answer that poverty is a multidimensional and multifaceted phenomenon. That is why it is needed to be countered with multidimensional strategies and all the poverty alleviation programs of Bangladesh are working perfectly. In the end he declared the opening of NJLIP project formally.

World Bank Group President visits Nuton Jibon Livelihood Improvement Project (NJLIP) at Dakhkhin Rakudia village under Barisal district