Jubilant Young Entrepreneur

Ms. Rita Rani Biswas of Shottopur- Adittopur village in cluster-01 under Sylhet district depicts the story of a jubilant young entrepreneur who becomes self reliant through effective use of skill development training and perseverance. Youth employment loan under the ‘Notun Jibon’ Project has changed the mourning faces of Ms. Rita Rani Biswas’s family into joyfull ones. Ms. Rita is a youth group member of. She is the eldest daughter of Mr. Aruk Kumar Biswas and Ms. Jainta Rani. She has one younger sister and brother in her family.

Ms. Rita belongs to a hardcore poor family. Her father, Mr. Aruk Kumar was the only breadwinner of her family; but her family fell into big trouble when her father became sick and lost the source of earning. At that time her mother Ms. Jainta Rani came to know about the activity of Gram Samity and became a NJG member of the organization, which seemed like a rope to them for pulling them out of the trap of poverty.

As Rita was young and dynamic she became a member of youth group having a dream of doing something for her family. She joined NJG-15 as the cashier. Later she learnt about the various activities of Gram Samity and was informed that the organization would provide skill loan fund to develop the skill of unemployed youth members of the organization. Then she received skill loan of Tk. 6,000.00 on 03.03.13. Her sincerity led her to use that loan to do something productive, therefore she used the loan for receiving training on tailoring at Sylhet Youth Academy.

Gram Samity stepped forward seeing her hard work and dedication to help her to materialize her dream of helping her family. They gave her an employment loan of Tk. 20,000 on 22.01.14 to start over her own business of tailoring and she purchased a sewing machine at Tk. 8,000.00 and other sewing materials with rest of money. Then she started a journey of self –dependence by working at her residence. Her dedication, hard work paid off and her efficiency in sewing enticed customers all over the village.

Ms. Rita did not let herself down and the Gram Samity. She is now self-dependent by wisely using the financial support provided by Gram Samity. At present her monthly income is Tk. 3200-3500. She is also repaying her installment regularly from her income. Her father expressed his gratitude to Gram Samity for changing his daughter’s life. Her parents are now relieved as their daughter became self- dependent and now they don’t need to worry about her future.

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