Baby Begums Diligence

Ms. Baby Begum, a poor woman of Chinitola village (cluster #08) of Melandha upazilla under Jamalpur district has overcome her misery with the support of Nuton Jibon Project. However, to achieve this she had to go through a lot of struggle. Ms. Baby Begum is the VCO leader of Chinitola village and secretary of NJCCS executive committee of cluster-8. She is also a skilled Community Professional (CP). Now she makes profit of Tk. 400-500 per day from her grocery shop and Tk. 1200-1500 after each three months from her Vermin Compost plant. It was really a difficult time for Baby to fulfil the basic needs of her family members at minimum level. She sought support from her brother in law as well as other relatives but failed to get any response. Ms. Baby had little skill on handicraft (Nakshi Stitching) and she also studied up to class VIII.

She found these two skills as her assets for survival. She started her work as a handicraft worker. As she did not have any formal training, therefore the quality of her products was not good enough comparing to others, hence, her income was also not satisfactory. But she did not lose her courage; she sought some new sort of business.Ms. Baby was very popular in the village for her sincerity, honesty and dedication to SIPP. Considering her quality and educational background villagers elected her as a leader of VCO and that was the turning point of her life. Accordingly, she received various training like social accountability, social mobilization, savings & credit activities and community finance from SIPP.

Day by day, she made herself as a skilled person and result of this she was selected as CP (Community professional) and now she is secretary of NJCCS executive committee of cluster-8. Beside this, she also improved her livelihood through receiving training and credit support from the SDF. She first received Tk. 5,000.00 for goat rearing from VCO on 07.03.2012. After repaying of the loan, in December 2012; she received 2nd cycle of Swabolombi Rin of Tk. 20,000 and opened a grocery shop for her sick husband. After refunding the installment of this loan on regular basis, now her husband is able to make profit of Tk. 200-250 per day.

As a skilled CP (Community professional), Ms. Baby visited many villages of Jamalpur and other districts. As a trainer of community finance she has earned a good amount of money as wages. She earned Tk. 54,000 by providing training for two months and twenty days in Mymensingh district and earned more than Tk. 10,000 by providing support at weak villages in Jamalpur district.

Ms. Baby Begum is now financially solvent and able to overcome her misery. SDF created the opportunity and Baby was able to ensure the maximum utilization of those opportunities by using her will force, honest and sincerity.

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