Gita Rani: Exemplary User of Project Support

Ms. Gita Rani (45), PIP # 252 is an inhabitant of the Atani village under the Balapara union, cluster #02, of Rangpur district. She was quite vulnerable in both social and economic contexts. Her husband, Mr. Jiten Roy (53) is a construction worker. They have two children and they could barely feed their children adequately before joining ‘Notun Jibon’ project.

Gita Rani marked 5th November, 2011 as the most blessing day of her life. On that day her family was enlisted as a target beneficiary of Nuton Jibon project through PIP. Twelve Nuton Jobon Groups (NJGs) were formed subsequently to carry out the activities of the project. Gita Rani was very active in the overall processes of Participatory identification of poor (PIP) and eventually became a member of a poor group named ‘Golap’. She attended every meeting with keen interest and regularly deposited weekly savings.

The village received the 1st installment of SF on time and started disbursement of Swabolombi rin. On the 6th March 2013, she took Tk. 22,000 as swabolombi rin (SF) for cow rearing. Along with the loan she also invested her own savings and purchased a cross bred cow. In the process of successful rearing her cow calved in due time and she started to collect 22 liters of milk per day. She earned Tk. 880 daily by selling milk. On the top of it, she also produced firewood using cow dung and got some additional money too. In this way, Gita Rani has been expanding her dairy farm with adding new cows to her farm. She was so determined and committed to improve her livelihood and living standard that nothing could prevent her from achieving the target. On fully repaying the loan, she decided to obtain a relatively larger loan and on 26 February 2014, she received Tk. 50,000 as swabolombi Rin from VCO to expand her dairy farm.

Gita Rani personally deals the tasks of dairy farm. In this regard she found the lessons of cow rearing training very useful. Now she is earning more than Tk. 1000 in a day by selling her produced milk to the BRAC Milk Center at Kaunia bazaar. The daily income of Gita Rani is not only good enough to support her family but also for paying the weekly loan installment.

Though, project support was one of the major strength behind the success of Gita Rani. But her dedication to achieve something was the main inspiration of her success. Through dedication and hard labor Gita Rani was able to become self employed.

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