Ms. Tahera Begum: Successful user of Swabolombi Rin

This is a story of a successful woman named Tahera Begum of Gaibandha district. The story highlights how the ``Swabolombi Rin” of Nuton Jibon project had created the income generating opportunity to a hardcore poor lady. Now, the woman is leading a decent life with modest income generated from her poultry farm. But her life was not as smooth as present. 10 years back, it was the most disastrous moment for Tahera Begum when she left home with her boyfriend for getting married and had not enough money for survival. Then she entered in real life and began struggle to get a stable life.

In 2007 she was included as Nuton Jibon Group (NJG) member and at first she had received Tk. 5000 as swabolambi rin for goat raring and at the same time she also received different types of training on alternative livelihood activities. One year later, she earned Tk 25,000 by selling the goats. Then she received Tk 9000 as 2nd loan and started a small business. In addition, she started homestead gardening and finally she started a poultry farm (producing meat) along with 3rd loan amounting Tk. 15,000 and other source. At present, her firm contains 1200 chicks’. From the last batch she was able to make profit of Tk. 35,000 after deducting all expenses.

Now a day, Tahera Begum is a solvent woman due to her determination and she doesn’t have to depend on others. She has a great ambition to establish a cattle farm soon. The success of Tahera Begume is helping to get others enthusiastic for building their future.

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