Story of a Successful Swabolombi Rin Recipient

Though it is always said that entrepreneurs are always born, never created, however an entrepreneur always needs some support to reveal the potentiality he/she possesses. And one such entrepreneur is Md. Morshed Alam (25) who lives in the Gobindonagor Purbopara Village, Cluster 15, Jamalpur. He is also the member of youth group (NJG-12). He is the son of Md.Suruzzaman and Ms.Jobeda Begum. His father is a simple farmer and day labourer and mother is a house wife. Mentionable, Ms. Jobeda Begum is also a member of NJG 10 of the village.

Like many youths in the rural area, Md. Morshed Alam also could not continue his study after passing S.S.C in 2002 as his parents could no more bear the educational expenditure. That time was so harsh for him to hold optimism as not only he lost his studentship but also he became a burden for his own family. The cloud of misfortune started to disappear once he received training on mobile servicing for few months from a local shop of his nearest friend. Later, he received training at a mobile and computer servicing shop of his nearest one in Mymensingh district for more than two years.

At one point of time he felt that the remuneration (about Tk.50-70 per day) from internship is not sufficient to lead his family, so he opened a small mobile servicing shop in Shorishabari town with Tk.12,000 in the end of 2011. This amount was received by his mother Ms. Jobeda Begum from VCO as Swabolombi Rin on 03.08.11. As days passed by, he became more and more efficient in mobile phone servicing. His daily earning was Tk. 200-250 per day from mobile servicing and he refunded the installment of the Swabolombi Rin on regular basis. But it was too hard for him to meet the family’s needs with such poor income.

Being inspired by CF Md. Abdul Aziz and his mother, he became a youth member on 15.04.12. As a matured youth member, he received loan amount Tk. 20, 000 from VCO as Swabolombi Rin on 17.06.12. He invested his personal savings and this loan for extending his computer business. He is now very efficient in mobile phone and computer servicing with a daily earning of around Tk. 700.00-750.00. This handsome earning now allows him to meet his family needs. His younger brother Md. Shohidul Islam is also a trainee in his shop.

Morshed Alam is now independently self-dependent. He is a renowned entrepreneur not only in his own village but also in the surrounding area. Life is worth living for him as he is no more a burden for his parents. And to make the life of this family worth living Morshed is grateful to Nuton Jibon project.

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