Tapan becomes small entrepreneur by successful utilization of VDRRF

Tapan Chandra Hawlader (23), a resident of Hoglapasha village of Charduani Union under Pathorghata upazila of Barguna district, has established himself as a successful self-employed youth with the financial and capacity building support from Nuton Jibon Project. He now earns around fifteen thousand taka monthly by operating a multi-purpose studio at local bazaar.

Tapan’s father was a day labourer and the only earning member of his family. Tapan and his younger brother (Choitonno) used to go to school. In 2006, Tapan left school when he could not pass the S.S.C examination. After leaving school, Tapan was trying to find some means of livings but unfortunately he could not manage a work or job. As he attended school, he was not interested in manual labour. State of being jobless made him demoralized day by day.

In early 2010, Tapan found a light of hope, when Social Development Foundation (SDF) started NutonJibon Project in their village. In the first information and communication campaign, he got to know the scope and area of this project. As he was an unemployed youth, Tapan became very enthusiastic and enrolled himself as a member of the youth group of NutonJibon Project in June 2010. His mother was also included with the NJ Group. As a youth member, Tapan was regular in participating meeting and weekly savings. In February 2011, he received Tk. 10,000.00 Youth Skill Development Loan from IDF fund.

Observing the success of his uncle in Charduani Bazar of Pathorghata in Barguna district, Tapan planned to undertake training on digital photography. He received training for three months there and learnt operations of equipment’s as well as required software. At that time Tapan started dreaming to run his own studio like his uncle. But it required a handsome amount of capital which was difficult for him to manage. But he never lost his devotion. In late 2011, he and his mother together took SF loan amounting to Tk. 35,000.00. But he still needed Tk. 90,000.00 to rent a shop and purchase equipment (computer, digital camera, printer and other accessories). However, Tapan was able to convince his uncle to support him to lending the rest. At last he launched his own business and his dream came true. Initially his NutonJibon members gave support through taking services from him, and gradually through providing good service, Tapan could attract many other general customers to his shop.

From the income of the shop, Tapan cleared his loan from SF and took another loan for procuring additional accessories. He could successfully payback the installments of the loans (including that of his mother), and paying back his debt to uncle. After clearing of his last loan, he took another loan in March 2013 of Tk. 30,000.00. To expand his business, Tapan bought a photocopy machine with the help of the loan and personal contribution. Now Tapan’s digital photo studio is well equipped and profitable too. After covering all operational expenses, Tapan can earn around Tk. 15,000.00 per month, which was far beyond his imagination of just 3 years back.

Tapan is grateful to Nuton Jibon Project, which helped him to become an owner of a small enterprise. More importantly, he now ensured continuation of his younger brother’s study. Tapan never stopped dreaming. Now he dreams to enhance his business and employs one or two unemployed youths in his shop. Hard work, dedication and his endeavor coupled with the support of SDF made him a successful entrepreneur.

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