Swarupjan Bibi transformed herself from a vulnerable to a micro entrepreneur

Swarupjahan Bibi, 68, is an inhabitant of Pachim Joypur village of Bonogram Cluster, under Morrelgonj Upazila of Bagherhat district. She is living with her two grandchildren in a tiny shed house. She has one son who is separated from her long ago and currently living in Chittagong with his wife. The life history of Swarup Jan is a history of sorrows and sufferings.

Swarupjan was born in a poor family. Her father married her off approximately at the age of 18. She assumed that marriages would give her relief from the scourge of poverty; but actually it never happened. After marriage, she was caught with gangrene disease and lost her left leg. Her husband had no ability to spend money for higher/better treatment, But She remained completely positive about her life. After few years, her husband passed away and it multiplied her sufferings. But the death shock of her lifelong companion could not bend her; rather, Swarupjan took the helm of her family more firmly. Instead of begging door to door, she started to earn her livelihood by sewing Khata of the neighbours and rearing duck and chicken.

But the income from that was not enough to manage three square meals in a day for the family. She hardly found any means to overcome her financial constraint. Nevertheless, hardworking Swarapjan did not loss her faith upon her. She constantly searched for a way out from the predicament.In one point, she saw a beacon lighting the sea of dark when Social Development Foundation (SDF) started to work in the Paschim Joypur village (19.05.2012). Under the NutonJibon project, Swarap Jan Bibi, as a vulnerable, got Tk.5000 for one time donation (18.11.12). After getting the money, considering her physical condition, Swarapjan decided to open a grocery shop. At this moment, grocery shop is the only source of her livelihood.

She is now is leading a happy life with the small income from the shop. She is no more dependent on her fellow villagers. The income from small shop not only helps her to maintain daily expenses but also helps her maintain regular saving at the Gram Samity. Now-a-days, she is a regular member of this Samity. Her current saving is Tk.160. The leaders of GS and field staffs of SDF feel proud about her. At the moment, Swarup jan is a self-reliant small entrepreneur who is highly respected by her fellow villagers.

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