Youth skill development loan created opportunity for Jasim

Jasimuddin (21),son of Mr. Abdur Rashid and Ms. Fatima Begum of Gorjonbunia from village under cluster Noltona in Barguna district., has established himself as a self employed youth with the financial and capacity building support from ‘NutonJibon project’. Jasim’s father is a local butcher who supplies meat to the locality sometimes when he gets order particularly during festivals. His father was the only earning member in the family comprising seven members (3 daughters and two sons). Jasim is a student of B.A in M. Baliatoli DN collage. All his three sisters are married.

As an unemployed youth Jashim always had a long desire to help his family through doing something. In the meantime, he came to know about SDF and Nuton Jibon Project. He enrolled himself as a youth member on 26.02.10. After sometime (on 11.02.12), he borrowed Tk. 10,000 for skill development training on ‘art and writing sign board’. He received training for 3 months. Upon completion of the training, he started writing sign boards and banners. From the earning, he repaid his loan installments in due time. Thereafter, to enhance his business he borrowed Tk. 15000 as ‘Shabolombi Rin’. He used the fund for repairing the shop and purchasing some writing materials.

At the very beginning of his business, he was neglected by the villagers. They made several discouraging comments about him and his works. Some villagers said that it is a useless profession and some commented that by this work he will not be able to earn enough money; his hand writing is not good or not professional etc. However, he was determined to improve his hand writing and finally through hard work and devotion he succeeded. Now the villagers are happy with his performances. He is now working not only in his village, but also in nearby villages and unions. The villagers get service from him without going to Barguna Sadar. Now he is more or less satisfied with his income, around Taka seven thousand a month, and managed to make payment his entire installment in due time.

Before Jashim started the business, the villagers used to go to Barguna sadar for making signboard, banner and festoons. But now Jasim is doing all the items at the same rate of Barguna, helps saving their time and labor. Now he is a very familiar figure in his villager and other villages as well.

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